How Wikipedia Works

hwwHow Wikipedia Works: And How You Can Be a Part of It is a book by Charles Matthews, Phoebe Ayers and Ben Yates, published in 2008 by No Starch Press. It covers editing, using and understanding the remarkable free encyclopedia, Wikipedia.

About the authors

Phoebe Ayers is a Wikipedian and librarian at UC Davis; she maintains a personal site at

Charles Matthews is a Wikipedian in the U.K.

Ben Yates was a Wikipedian from Michigan; he was the illustrator of the book.

The best way to contact us is through our Wikipedia talk pages.

A note on licensing

How Wikipedia Works is a free cultural work. It was originally published under the GFDL license. At the time of publication, Wikipedia itself was released under the GFDL.

Phoebe Ayers and Charles Matthews also relicense the book under the CC-BY-SA license, as Wikipedia itself now uses this license.

The authors encourage re-use, translation, updates, and re-mixing of the book. The full text is available on the Internet Archive.

A note on other sites

The webpage for the book was originally at; unfortunately, the domain registration of that site expired and was registered by squatters, and it is now no longer affiliated with the authors, although the current registrants are maintaining a copy of the original site. Perhaps they’re fans!

How to get the book

The book can be purchased from the publisher, No Starch Press; via; or ordered from any fine independent bookstore. The paper version features a detailed layout and index and lay-flat binding.

An eBook version is available from the publisher; from Safari Books Online; or from Amazon formatted as a Kindle book. The full text is also accessible online.

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